Front end developer.

The Village Beauty Room.

The what | requirements

A freelance project to design, build and implement a brochureware type website for a village based beauty therapy/treatment company called The Village Beauty Room based in North Yorkshire in a village called Kirkby Fleetham.

The who | my role

My role was to manage the initial request, find a suitable theme/design which we could use, implement and tweak said theme to suit client requirements. All of the initial content changes,
images to be added, pages to be built etc were completed by me, i also helped some what with the hosting of the website and finished by moving the code to the new domain and making ‘live’, finishing with some documentation for the client to use and update the site herself.

The how | implementation

I decided early on that the best approach may be to use a professional WordPress theme for a few reasons:

  1. It would save a lot of design time, as long as i choose a suitable theme
  2. It should save some dev time as i wont need to create initial styles for the branding etc, i will just need to tweak the theme
  3. Having never implemented a professional theme i wanted to understand the process

I found a suitable theme through themeforest called Cabin, i chose Cabin as it had a massive amount of customisable features, a lot of different layouts, extensive documentation and the ‘look’ felt quite fresh and modern. The theme was reviewed with the client who was happy to approve the use.

The process for building the actual site started with definind a number of initial pages, such as About Me, Contact, Products and Services etc. The original main menu was a sticky centered header but the number of pages eventually grew to a point whereby a sticky nav just didnt work, items started to overlap, issues on smaller screens such as tablets which is why the current site uses a left hand menu which can accommodate a larger number of pages within the site.

For the hero image i used the brilliant website Pexels which offers a huge number of high quality royalty free stock photos

Contact page on mobile.
Contact page on mobile.
  • How simple the theme was to setup
  • How customisable the theme is
Lessons learnt
  • First time using a professional WordPress theme so initial learning curve setting that up