Front end developer.


A new way

The old way of updating data was too manual so a new solution was needed; working with a developer at RightNow we managed to get a way of printing report data out onto page without it being restricted by the person viewing the report (normally I would only be able to see data relating to me).

the possibilities were endless


Once this was set up the possibilities were endless. I could now whack any data on the page such as requests in and out (by month or by year), show what each developer was working on in real time, show the latest piece of work to go live etc.

The board is also used as part of a review process in the digital team to check requests were coming in correctly and to then filter them to specific teams.

The charts were built using Easy Pie Chart‘ by ‘Rendro’ and this is an update to an earlier dashboard post.

  • Data
  • Even more data
  • Deploy process
  • Want more data
Lessons learnt
  • PHP is good