Front end developer.

Energy debate

The purpose

The Energy Debate micro site was to advertise an upcoming npower event for energy professionals. The initial business owner brief was vague so i suggested the use of a Jquery countdown to the day of the event as well as a Google location map.

I also suggested the use of a parallax design to make the “one pager” a little different or to stand out a bit more, this was after seeing websites such as unfold and the original Nike Better World website.

Energy debate homepage.
Energy debate homepage.


The micro site also makes use of a Twitter feed hooked into the npower business account as well as data capture for users to ask questions at the event and to also register to come along. The micro site is also responsive to a degree so mobile users shouldn’t be deterred from navigating the site.

  • Working on something like nothing else on
  • Parallax
  • Responsive
  • Seriously last minute updates
  • Broken Twitter feed after Twitter changed the rules
Lessons learnt
  • We are actually capable of creating something a bit different on