Front end developer.

Energy news

What was needed

The Industrial and commercial side of npower create and update news stories on a daily basis, the brief was to get this information to users in the best possible way. The main feature being the now daily YouTube videos for the market updates, created using a simple YouTube playlist so contributors only have to add the latest clip to this and it is pulled in automatically across the Large and Medium market update pages.

Energy news.
Energy news.


The other point of the pages was to pull in excerpts of latest npower news (which took a fair amount of customisation for the dated CMS) and link to energy videos and the latest blog updates as well as showcasing all the awards the IandC team have won.

  • Removing the integration with DOT NET code, makes the page a lot faster
  • Setting up the logic in the CMS to pull in the latest stories automatically.
  • Deploy process, 3 servers, multiple style sheets, templates, fragment files, config setting etc
  • Couldn’t support mobile…yet.
Lessons learnt
  • How to deploy complex code through the CMS correctly.