Front end developer.

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Tech stack: HandlebarsJS (Markup), SASS (Styling), Jquery (Scripting), Grunt (Automation), GIT (Source control), Photoshop (Design).
Other: Sitecore (CMS), Jira (Work load), Confluence (Documentation), Agile environment (Working practises), Cross country collaboration.

The purpose

The point of this project was to move the HomeServe Spain website from one CMS to the now group chosen Sitecore CMS.

How to do it

We would need to define and create a host of markup, layouts, templates, components etc needed to support the designs. This would need to be done with a team based in different countries,
different timezones and different languages.

My role

My role initially was to build the markup for the templates and components but the Spain team eventually signed with an agency to complete the build, my role then transformed into an approver, making sure they adhered to our development practises and design style guides, i also created a lot of the documentation required for the transition including the library of all components built.

Spain website on a laptop.
Spain website on a laptop.
  • A new tweaked design of the new HomeServe brand, interesting to see how a number of small tweaks can make such a massive difference
  • The website functionality was quite basic so helped focus on some of the finer details rather than worrying about forms, error handling etc
  • Some difficulties with language barrier
  • My role was more to supervise than to develop
Lessons learnt
  • Methods in which nesting components within sitecore can work
  • How powerful HandlebarsJS can be for writing markup