Front end developer.

NHS birth notification application

The brief

To create a prototype demonstration of a Birth Notification Application and a Summary Care Records process.

The eventual prototype was 25 separate pages taking an end user through both success and failed journeys, the work supported browsers from IE7 upwards as well as latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari. I built the grid and base styles using the latest Twitter Bootstrap system and applied a theme to style the pages according to my PSD brief.

The system allows an end user to search for a patient and view their details, it also allows for them to register a new patient as well as a new birth, providing address details, baby details, hospital information etc.

Mobile view of make a claim.
NHS birth notification application.
  • Working on something different
  • Final stage of bug fixing
  • Requirement for IE7 support
Lessons learnt
  • If end users are mostly using IE7 build the application in this browser first (in my defence I wasn’t told at the start ;-))