Front end developer.

One Domain

The purpose

To create a new global to benefit all countries (USA, Spain, France etc) in line with the new brand identity, to reduce customer confusion between markets, improve organic search performance and to show we are a global brand.

How to do it

The plan was to use GEO IP detection to find a users location and then serve up a page with region specific content, offers, adverts, useful information etc and for them to then be able to continue onto that markets specific domain. The page would be built in Sitecore and fully content managed.

My role

To work with the Business Analyst and Designer to identify and help spec out Sitecore components, and to then build the front end (HTML and CSS using handlebarjs and SASS) for each of these. These would then be passed to a Sitecore developer to build and integrate into the CMS. I created the template and all the components required to create the design and also created a lot of the documentation in Confluence to support future development.

GEO IP location detection example.
GEO IP location detection example.
  • Nice different design, good to work on something new.
  • Knowing the site would be viewed by vastly different audiences
  • Created from scratch so all code was new
  • Project was cancelled shortly before code completion
  • Internal politics
Lessons learnt
  • How to identify a Sitecore component but also templates, sublayouts etc as well